Family migrant hosting

Il viaggio, drawing by an italian student

Family hosting of refugees asking for international protection

Since 2012 we have been working with the C.A.S.E Association and we have hosted and accompanied Dully and Kecy, Adama and Fakeba in a small but effective family welcome project. Through our family welcome, our goal is to make a stopover between a dream-full landing and a life lived humanly in a society that is so different from that of origin.
At first we offer a home, clothes and a full fridge. The next step is to draw a project towards autonomy. Let’s make it easy for those who have come to Italy to pursue a dream of improvement, to acquire tools and knowledge to deal with the realization and concreteness of the next steps of her journey.

In practice it happened that

Kecy e Dully

• lived 18 months with us • have had a temporary humanitarian stay permit • They attended Italian courses and entered into agricultural work •Have done volunteer experiences • They could do a professional course paying in half


• they live here on the territory • they have an apartment • they have created a family • they have a job

Fake e Adama

•they are waiting for answer after their request of international protection • they attended italian courses • they took the secondary school diploma • they attended other professional courses • they are learning to use computer • they are making a stage as workers

Extra experiences

• they see oru children growing • they see how to handle an apartement • they meet all turists, partecipants to courses, woofers and friends that pass at Tertulia coming from all over the world