Our History

In 2005 we bought the farm Il Monte and moved directly from Milan. Quite a jump! Little by little we learned to live here, in the Woods, making the wood to keep warm and a little vegetable garden to eat healthy things, first hens and then goats (which we have now given to a friend). So much work served to reset the properties in this beautiful village of 1700 that had been abandoned by peasants sharecroppers in 1985. First farmhouse roof, then the central boiler wood stove, new well, constructed wetlands for discharges, house for our family. Finally the spaces for hospitality (rooms and kitchen of the farmhouse, the exterior) and spaces for hospitality and solidarity projects.
Meanwhile our three children were born (from 2009 to 2012, the last was born in the house renovated by us!) who now attend school (kindergarten and Elementary) and we started some agricultural production, with mixed results depending on seasons and saved energies….
So chestnuts, honey, oil, cherries and figs, potatoes, tomatoes and vegetables. And homemade tomato sauce productions, jam, elderberry syrup, nocino. Homemade bread with sourdough and much more … We shared ‘community experiences’ in past periods of different durations that have enriched us and grown us as people and knowing that build projects and dreams with other people is a demanding course and to be faced with the right tools and there are many ways to do it.
The living lab project sustainability was founded in 2012-Tertulia and winds starting from research to make our daily Permaculture ethics: Earth care, personal care, resource sharing.
We are a dynamic, constantly evolving project, open to ideas and comparisons, which needs the support of people and energy to grow and develop!