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New school Permaculture with Helder Valente at Tertulia!

Permaculture Teacher Course 31 August 4 September and Permaculture Social Course 14-18 September!

For the occasion of partecipation of Helder Valente at EUPC 2016! Don’t loose the oppurtunity, only dates in Italy.

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27-28 August Rocket Stove

Workshop for self-contruction of a ROCKET STOVE to warm the barn at Tertulia!


  • High efficiency stoves theory, examples
  • Participated design of rocket: …………


Permaculture Teachers Course 31/8-4/9

This will be New School Permaculture most important course of the year and one of the Edge events of the EUPC.

After many years listening to europeans students asking Helder to do a PTC, the time has arrived for people in this continent to have availabke and experiment with New School Permaculture educational ToolBox.

Permaculture Social course 14-18/9

Helder Vanente will lead us through learning to design and care for ourselves, our communities, and the planet.
This 5 day course is designed to be useful to anyone who interacts with others. So unless you’re a hermit, that’s YOU!

Laboratory of agriCulture Organic Rigenerative

permanente education in  organic and rigenerative agricolture and permaculture

a place to experience regenerative practices of soil to restore armony between lands and people

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This year we plan:

to be defined:

  • Rocket stove workshop
  • compost toilet workshop
  • Spontaneos herbs harvest

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Some past courses and experiences held in Tertulia

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  • 2012: I Permaculture design course di 72 ore with Stefano Mattei
  • 2013: corso di agricoltura organica rigenerativa with Jairo Restrepo Rivera
  • 2013: II e III Permaculture design course di 72 ore (with Fabio Pinzi and with Enzo Lanati)
  • 2014: IV Permaculture design course di 72 ore with Fabio Pinzi
  • 2014: Permaculture Vigil
  • 2015: Spontaneos herbs harvest
  • 2015: stage of Theatre of Oppressed
  • 2015: V Permaculture design course di 72 ore with Fabio Pinzi,Food Forest course and Social Permaculture course with Helder Valente