Looking Labor-actors!


We are looking for someone who is willing to share the values of our project (families with kids, permaculturist, …), interested in living at Terulia for a medium-term period of time (from 1 to 4 months …): we will offer accommodation in exchange of a participation to the expenses of the house and we ask for some availability and interest to get involved in the countryside activities and in the activities of our laboratory of sustainability. Your involvement to the activities of the farm will vary according to the needs, and so will your remuneration.


The human-scale Laboratory of sustainability is made by “craftmens”, who are willing to share practical activities, projects and games. If you want to participate to the activities, suggest things to do at Tertulia or just get other people involved in your project, contact us! Let’s get in touch and let’s try to do things together. Sharing is the best strategy: more heads, more ideas, more differences and of course more achievements! 

NEW !! We are seeking an experienced permaculturist eager to make a deal of experience in Tertulia during 2016 for the design and management of the country (vegetable garden, fruit, chestnut, animals ….). Download the flyer here!


Buid the changement

We like networking with groups and other organisations, from our neighbourhood or not, who are working towards change. The more, the better! Let’s organise workshops and activities with experts or just between us! Tertulie, Laboratori.


Future Projects

During the first years of our project, we have worked to create our life in the countryside, and turned it into an Eco-village project. We have had really good experiences of living in a community and sharing our space with others. In 2015 our aim is to re-design some aspects of our project based on our past experiences to decide which will be the best way to make Tertulia grow.

We need enthusiastic people who can bring energy, ideas and also some funds to restore the village and to make Tertulia run at full speed!

For this reasons we are willing to hear from you, to listen and to share ideas: sharing projects brings abundance, motivation and great ideas!

Labor-actors looking!

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