Rural hospitality is

Getting dirty by working with the soil
And shower in a new and cozy bathroom;
Contemplating the panorama
And work on the computer because there is wi-fi.
A place to come as a guest
And be able to come back as friends or collaborators.
Walk in the woods between shadows and mild lights
And find yourself adjusting a garden fence.

Are we an agriturismo? Yes, but we do not like to call it like that because the parking lot is full of pebbles a bit ‘
and because it can be messy and for carrying your suitcase you have to put your feet into grass that can be damp sometimes
But if you stay to sleep at ours, the environmental impact will be low and beauty will accompany you at all times.

The beautiful rooms

Rooms we take care about to be beautiful in which all original materials are respected
furniture from second hand markets, but new beds, among the most comfortable
An open, bright view that opens the breath and heart

The shared kitchen

A kitchen equipped with a large table. The fires and a large fridge, to be shared with other
Guests. All those who stay in a room will be able to use the kitchen as early as mid-morning to prepare their meals for hiking or eating directly here.

The panorama of Tertulia

What a panorama is waiting for you! And we do everything we can to preserve it. We heat up with the wood cut from us.
We recover and purify the water that we and you discharge into the phytodepuration. We use products that grow to respected people and have left the earth rich in good substances useful to other living beings and future generations.


Sono pochi i posti nel mondo dove ci si sente come a casa, coccolati dalla natura e dalle persone che ti accolgono con calore e amicizia. Francesco e Giorgia sanno e fanno, rendendoti sempre partecipe dei molti progetti che vogliono sviluppare. natura, cultura, persone. assolutamente da visitare!!!!

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