The land and our philosophy

In the process of rapprochement to the land undertaken with the project Tertulia, we have gained the following beliefs:


  • Observe nature around us: What do you see?
  • The fertility of the soil as the first interest
  • Design efficient and energy-saving agro-systems.

We constantly try and experiment, led by references important to us such as Permaculture and its broad interpretation of the systems, organic and regenerative farming (Jairo Rastrepo Rivera), the farmer’s point’s of view, the experiments of Gigi Manenti, the insights of the spouses Bourguignon and many other experiences that we find along the way …

The Podere Il Monte was abandoned in the late 80s in one of the last flows of rural-urben migration (sharecroppers then decided to deserve freedom and independence until then denied by a not sustainable condition). We arrived in 2005 in a place which showed traces of the important work done in past centuries (terraces, dry stone walls, the secular chestnuts forest). Our challenge is to understand how to relate to an almost virgin situation, where you can observe how nature has taken over after the farm abandoned (crops, pastures, vineyards, olive orchard), and where our intervention can be planned without excessive constraints.

The work is difficult and complex as well as very challenging, especially when experiencing our first farming project in those conditions. The many efforts and mistakes we made in the first attempts to approach the forest, the land, the cultivation process and the breeding, are, however, providing us interesting insights to find our way within the transformation of an abandoned land in a place that can provide natural food with respect to its size and its own rules.