Living laboratory of sustainability

Tertulia is a place where to live, observe, interact, share and where to build consciousness and gather tools to be part of a social, environmental and cultural change. In the lab you will handle materials from different nature like social relationships, agriculture, community, permaculture, constructions, arts, lifestyle and solidarity.
Tertulia is a laboratory for “artisans” willing to express their quality and attitude, to take responsibility toward a life which cares about the others, the land and the fair share of the resources.

Cerchiamo Labor-attori!


A psychologist and an engineer. Two Milanese. A mom and a dad. The desire to see the world from another point of view.
“If you want something you’ve never had you have to be prepared to do something you’ve never done.”
Said and done: we start with our experience of the city, our love for travel, cultures, human creativity and technology towards … the campaign! And it opens a thousand doors. Of course, there is the tram, there is underground, though there’s no traffic, noise from neighbours.
There are wild boar, deer in love verse, daffodils bloom in January, persimmons that decorate the tree when it is bare. There is healthy food from the garden, there is space to run, there is the dazzling light of the full moon and huge starry skies.
We have our three children that when they return from school do bike races and make cakes and meals with the Earth and the flowers.
Permaculture guides us in the design of spaces and the countryside. With the binding offer to those wishing to participate in Tertulia project development Tertulia to support, make proposals, plan together how to practice and disseminate ethics and principles of Permaculture.
The curiosity and the desire to share we were tempted to organize residential courses. Usually when there are courses spreads a climate of well-being and conviviality engaging and refreshing that motivates us each time to propose new opportunities and to create and nurture a network of people that stay in touch to take forward and implement new ideas and projects!